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Make the Right Choice for Safe & Happy Towing

Choosing the right towing accessories is essential for safe, comfortable and trouble-free towing. Pedders Solutions includes everything that is required so your vehicle can handle any tow.

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    I Want to Upgrade my Towing Suspension

    Towing and carrying loads can have a negative effect on the comfort of the ride as well as your vehicle’s traction, steering, braking and handling. To solve these problems, Pedders recommends replacement of suspension and brakes. Getting specially fitted can restore your vehicle’s height and safety. To Find out more click here.

    I Want to Review my Vehicle’s Load and Accessories

    Find out how weight affects your vehicle’s braking distance and GVM (gross vehicle mass) with our Pedders Weight Matrix (TM). We developed a world-first program which allows you load up your virtual vehicle in different scenarios and assist you in better understanding how weight can affect it. Try it out here.

    I Want to Increase my Vehicle’s Payload

    If you carry loads for a living or are serious about the payload you pack into your vehicle, you’ll know how important suspension is for safety and performance. We’ll sort you out with Pedders GVM+ Upgrade Solutions, the best suspension upgrade in the nation. Check out the range here.

    I Want to Improve my Vehicle’s Brakes

    Additional weight that your vehicle feels when towing magnifies the force on its braking system. This generates increased heat and stress which significantly impacts brake performance and brake distance. Get the best stopping power and braking performance here so your vehicle can tow safely.

    I Want to Learn More about Towbars

    If you want to tow a trailer or tow a caravan, we have the best products to make your trip safe and easy. Our professional check-up will get you sought. Click here for more info.

    I want to browse products online

    Check out our range of Pedders products to assist your vehicle when it carries load.


    GVM+ Kit - Navara D40 45684 With Over Axle Rear GVM-NAV D40 OVER



    Pedders SportsRyder Coil Spring 2324



    Outback 4x4 Kit 915019


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