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I Want To increase My Vehicle's GVM

If you carry loads for a living you know how important suspension is to your vehicle’s safety and performance. Pedders have the perfect GVM+ Upgrade to keep your vehicle running smooth.

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    I Want to Review my Vehicle’s Load and Accessories

    Load up your virtual vehicle using our Pedders Weight Matrix(TM) today. We have developed a world-first program to assist you in better understanding your vehicle’s weight under different scenarios. Accessories, cargo loads and towing will all impact your vehicle’s safety and performance. Try it out here.

    My Vehicle is Sagging when Load Carrying

    You may require any number of solutions from: Coil Springs, Leaf Springs, Air Bag Kit, Shock Absorbers, GVM+Upgrade Kits

    Not sure where to start? Try our Tow & Load Assessment.

    I want my Vehicle to Brake Better when Load Carrying

    Has load carrying impacted the quality of your vehicle’s braking? We have a large variety of quality brake options which will improve the overall braking performance of your vehicle. If you’re unsure about the products, your team at Pedders will help you find the perfect brakes. Find the range here.

    I Want To Browse Products Online

    Check out our range of Pedders products to assist your vehicle when it carries load.


    Pedders Brake Pads 6701950



    Pedders Shock Absorber 122327



    GVM+ KIT 76 Series Landcruiser - 45325 GVM-76 SERIES


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