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Replacement CV Shafts

With the majority of vehicles on our roads today being either front wheel drive or all wheel drive, CV shafts which are the drive shafts that carry the power from the engine and transmission to the wheels are one of the most common components requiring replacement. Pedders comprehensive range of new replacement CV Shafts are supplied with Constant Velocity Joints (or CV joints).

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    Pedders CV Shaft Features

    • Pedders CV Joints are assembled with a specially formulated high temparature moly grease to resist friction and wear.
    • New premium grade neoprene boots are used to resist abrasion and temperature erosion.
    • New stainless steel clamps are supplied.
    • All shafts are made from high quality materials and coated to protect the surface area from rust.
    • CV Shafts are cnc machined.
    • Splines are machined to OE specifications or better.
    • All cv shafts are zinc coated.

    Replace your CV joints for better performance and more torque

    CV shafts are the drive shafts that carry the power from the engine and transmission to the wheels. Considering their design and the constant loads they bear, it’s not surprising that CV joints and components have a limited life and are particularly prone to accelerated wear due to contamination.

    Pedders High HP Drive Shafts

    With eXtreme rated horse power ratings of 700HP for selected Ford Falcon models and 600-1400HP for selected Holden Commodore models these Pedders drive shafts are built tough to withstand the eXtreme demands of high horse power performance vehicles.

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    Replacement CV Drive Shafts

    Check out our range of Pedders CV Shafts and more for your vehicle.


    Pedders CV - Shafts (New) 410039L



    Pedders CV - Shafts (New) 410043R



    Pedders CV - Shafts (New) 410071R


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