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TrakRyder 4x4 Product Range

Since 1950, Pedders has been designing and manufacturing suspension products specifically for harsh Australian conditions. TrakRyder delivers the rugged performance that will get you to your destination and back, whilst maintaining the ride quality that modern 4WDs have to offer.

TrakRyder also upgrades older model 4WDs with a boost in off-road performance and ride quality. It’s the product of all our years of R & D experience which enables us to deliver a premium level of ride comfort and handling for 4WD vehicles. In fact, we are so confident in our quality product that we back it up with a 2 year/40,000km ‘No Fuss’ nationwide warranty, which means that should a hassle occur, you can rest assured that you’re covered.

Pedders TrakRyder 4×4 Product Range includes thousands of quality components that have all been designed to improve the ride and handling characteristics of specific 4WD vehicles.

The range includes:

  • Shocks & Air Bags
  • Coil & Leaf Springs
  • Brake Pads & Rotors
  • Big Front Brake Kits
  • Rear Disc Conversion Kits
  • Torsion Bars & Suspension Bushes
  • Shackle & U Bolt Kits
  • Alignment Kits
  • Steering Dampers
  • Adjustable Panhard Rods
  • CV Shafts & Swivel Hub Seal Kits
  • Plus a host of additional ancillary products

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    TrakRyder Shock Absorbers

    For those owners of Four-Wheel Drive vehicles, there is simply no better than TrakRyder. Three shock absorbers are available within the TrakRyder range, Pedders 4WD TrakRyder Gas, Pedders 4WD Foam Cell & Pedders 4WD TrakRyder eXtreme. With TrakRyder shock absorbers and especially when incorporated with the other components of the TrakRyder range, 4WD owners can enjoy the best of both worlds. The benefits of owning a 4WD plus comfort and handling more like a family SUV.

    Learn More About TrakRyder Shock Absorbers

    TrakRyder Springs

    The primary function of springs, whether they be Leaf, Coil or Torsion Bars, is to carry the load of the sprung weight and to absorb impacts created by the wheel when travelling over undulating or rough terrain.

    All Pedders stores stock a wide range of springs to suit most popular vehicles. Your Pedders service technician can advise you on the replacement of original equipment and show you which springs will enhance your suspension system to level beyond manufacturers original standards.

    Learn More About TrakRyder Springs

    TrakRyder Brake Pads & Rotors

    Pedders TrakRyder 4WD and SUV Brake Kits offer superior stopping power that is demanded by those that tow, as well as the off-road enthusiast. Any time you add weight to a vehicle by towing a load or simply adding a load, you change the operating conditions of your stock brake package. These operating conditions may exceed the ability of the stock braking components. Pedders TrakRyder offers a range of high-performance 4WD & SUV brake parts and kits including:

    • Ceramic Brake Pads
    • Kevlar Ceramic Brake Pads
    • Brake Sensors
    • Brake Shoes & Drums
    • eXtreme Brake Kits
    • Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits

    Learn More About TrakRyder Brake Kits

    TrakRyder Complete Suspension Lift Kits

    A suspension lift kit raises the entire suspension system, which allows 4WD owners to install much larger tyres and safely take the 4WD off-road into rougher terrains. Unlike other types of lift kits, suspension lift kits actually suspend the entire frame to increase the distance between the chassis and the axles. Pedders suspension lift kits raise the entire suspension by changing the shocks and the front and rear springs.

    Pedders offers a vast selection of quality TrakRyder 4X4 & SUV suspension kits for motorists looking to upgrade or replace their vehicles original equipment. A typical TrakRyder 4×4 Suspension kit includes coil and or leaf springs plus shock absorbers. Options include Touring, Expedition & Outback, 4″ (inch) Lift Kits each designed with common driving requirements in mind. For other vehicles that carry loads often we offer GVM+ Upgrade Suspension Kits. Ideal for Fleet vehicles and Tradies our range of GVM+ suspension kits is the largest in Australia.

    Learn More About TrakRyder Suspension Kits

    TrakRyder Steering & Chassis Parts

    If you intend to repair, replace or upgrade the suspension of your vehicle, don’t forget to have the chassis and electric power steering parts checked for serviceability. If you don’t, it’s like putting a new set of mag wheels on your car with the old tyres, it looks good, but the car will not perform to its maximum potential.

    Pedders has an extensive range to suit almost every make and model on the roads today, with steering and chassis parts such as:

    • Ball Joints
    • Tie Rod Ends
    • Control Arms
    • Rack Ends
    • Suspension Bushes (Urethane or Rubber)

    Learn More About TrakRyder Steering & Chassis Parts

    Wheel Alignment

    Pedders stores are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and our technicians have expert training to ensure optimum wheel alignment and balance, providing you with improved performance, comfort, fuel economy and extended tyre and suspension component life.

    Learn More About Pedders Wheel Alignment

    Pedders TrakRyder Suspension Kits Range

    Browse our range of Pedders TrakRyder Suspension Kits and more for your vehicle.


    Touring 4X4 Kit- 550 V6 Diesel Only 911021-2



    Expedition4x4 Kit 1307mmTorsion Bar 912015-2



    Outback 4x4 kit(Excluding VDJ79 4.5L Turbo Diesel) 915045-1


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