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Replacement Power Steering

Pedders offers a comprehensive selection of quality Power Steering parts for motorists looking to upgrade or replace their vehicles original equipment. Check out our video for more information on our re-manufactured power steering.

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    Pedders – The Power Steering Specialists of Australia

    A car’s power steering is perhaps the most overlooked system, yet requires regular servicing. Not only does power steering help drivers manoeuvre their vehicles more effortlessly around tight corners or when the car is stopped or moving slowly, but it also provides some feedback of how the front wheels are interacting with the road.

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    Is Your Power Steering Leaking?

    If your power steering box is leaking fluid, or your power steering pump is not working properly, call Pedders. Our expert mechanics can replace or repair your power steering rack, pump, pulley, drive belts, bearings, valves, hoses, seals and parts at competitive prices.

    Pedders Power Steering Service

    Whether you need power steering fluid, or a new pump or hose, you can buy your power steering parts from Pedders and get peace of mind. Our power steering service involves an inspection of the entire system; the pump is checked for mechanical operation, the belts are examined, replaced and adjusted for alignment and tension, and all rack mounts are inspected and secured.

    Replacement Power Steering

    Check out our range of Pedders Replacement Power Steering Parts and more for your vehicle.


    Power Steering Pump 1887



    Power Steering Pump 350005



    Power Steering Rack & Pinion 1254


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