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Load Carrying with Air Bags

Pedders offers high quality 4WD airbags and air springs suspension kits, which are essential for load carrying vehicles. By inflating the air bags, you can increase the spring rate and help to maintain the ride height of the vehicle.

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    4WDAir Bag Benefits

    Some of the benefits of Pedders air springs include: enhancing load carrying performance, decreasing general instability associated with heavy load carrying and restricting bottoming out caused by carrying heavy loads or driving on rough terrain. Air Springs also increase shock life, improve braking and reduce body roll. These airbag suspension kits will greatly improve your vehicle performance.

    Important Notes Regarding 4WD Air Bags

    Pedders Suspension recommend replacement springs be installed where springs are sagged more than 10mm. Fitting auxiliary air springs to compensate for majorly sagged coil or leaf springs will result in a harsh ride.

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    Pedders Air Assist – Key Information

    Make light work of heavy loads with Pedders Air Assist 4WD Air Bags. With options of Coil Spring or Leaf Spring our range of Air Bags offer exceptional load assistance and improved towing and load carrying capability.

    Pedders Air Assist Air Bag Kits – Features

    • Exceptional load assistance characteristics.
    • Improved towing and load carrying capability.
    • Compensate for general instability associated with heavy loads.
    • Increase shock life, improve braking and reduce body roll.
    • Full adjustability to allow the Air Assist Bag to be matched to the load.
    • Assist spring, shock and bush life.
    • Maintain superior comfort levels while providing that extra level of suspension control needed when towing.

    Pedders Air Assist 4WD Airbags

    Check out our range of Pedders Replacement Air Bag Products and more for your vehicle.


    Pedders Airbag Kit 495097



    Pedders Airbag Kit 495075



    Expedition 4x4 Kit


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