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The Pedders Test Lane Plus is used as a quick and transparent testing procedure for periodic undercar inspections as part of the Tech Check & Report. Throughout Australia we have several locations that feature the Pedders Test Lane Plus. A modern drive on vehicle diagnosis unit and reporting system that is installed into the driveway of our workshops – hence the name “Test Lane Plus”. A Pedders Test Lane Plus Store offers the same axle weight and suspension test found at a normal Pedders Test Lane store, however – A Pedders Test Lane Plus store also offers the Slip Plate Test and Brake Force Test.

The function of the Pedders drive on test lane is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation on the condition of your vehicle’s shock absorbers/suspension, brakes and wheel alignment. This test is suited for cars that may have any of the following conditions:

  • Pulling to one side while driving
  • Noisy steering and/or suspension
  • Steering wheel is off centre
  • Rough ride
  • Feels generally unsafe
  • Braking unevenly
  • Uneven tyre wear

There Are 4 Parts To Our Drive On Test Lane:

Slip Plate Test:
The slip plate test indicates if there is any problem with the toe angle which is an area of the wheel alignment that commonly causes excessive tyre wear.

Axle Weight Test:
The test lane measures the front and rear axle weight of the vehicle. This information is vital for checking to see if the vehicle weight falls within its gross vehicle mass (G.V.M.) which is ideal information for people who use their vehicle to carry heavy loads or tow regularly.

Suspension Test:
Your car will be subjected to a simulated procedure, which will assess the performance of the vehicle’s suspension; this enables accurate evaluation.

Brake Force Test:
The brake force test uses dynamic rollers to check the braking system . This test measures brake force on each wheel individually to assess if there is any variation in effectiveness for the service and park brake systems.

Following on from the test lane report, our trained specialist technicians will then carry out an Under Car Inspection of the suspension and steering, including a Visual Brake check, which includes Pads, Rotors, Master Cylinder and Brake fluid.

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