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Know Your Weight Now With
Pedders Tow & Load Assessment

  • Understanding your vehicle weight now
    and in the future.

  • What is weighing you down?

  • Tow and Load Assessment Report, Advice
    and Solutions

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What is Weighing You Down?

All weight impacts the safety and performance of a vehicle and that weight will come from one or many sources

One of the key features of Pedders Tow and Load Assessment and the unique Weight Matrix Program is that we can provide your vehicle weight relevant to the likely driving scenarios that you will face.

  • Increase your safety levels
  • Increase your performance and for your vehicle
  • Enjoy a better driving experience


How does it work?

1. Brake, Steering and suspension check

The priority within the pedders Tow and Load Assessment is to firstly assess the general health of the vehicle’s
brake, steering and suspension systems which are the most safety-critical systems especially under the stress of
additional weight from loads, towing and accessories.

Under Car Inspection

Our trained speciallist technicians will systematically inspect your vehicle’s entire steering and suspension system and other related undercar components from front to rear.

Brake Pad & Rotor Inspection

Check and report on the wear and operating condition of these components, removing wheels as required.

Shock Absorber Test

Most cars will be subjected to a simulated condition, which enables evaluation of your shock absorbers and suspension. For other vehicles we have adequate alternative evaluation methods

No Obligation Analysis and Written Report

Our comprehensive written report shows the current status of all-vital suspension and steering systems. This is a no obligation report, so you can decide what suits you best.

2. Weight Matrix

The “Weight Matrix” component of the Pedders Tow and Load Assesment refers to know your weight now and looking at your weight in the future based on your towing and load carrying scenarios.

Front & Rear Weight

Each participating Pedders outlet has a test lane or scales to weight both the front and rear of your vehicle. The results of this vehicle weight form the basis of the first “as-weiahed” scenario

Tow Ball Weight

Pedders shops can assess the ball weight of caravans or trailers as this is and integral part of some weight scenarios. Please discuss the praticality and logistics of this with your participating Pedders outlet.

Initial Accessories & Load Checklist

As part of the initial weighing of the vehicle your current loads and accessories will be listed as the basis of the “as weighed” scenarion 1.

Weight Matrix(TM) Software Report

The world-first program designed to assist you in better understanding your weight issues.

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Tow and Load Assessment Report, Advice and Solutions

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Ensure your vehicle is safe and fit for purpose under load with a Pedders Tow & Load Assessment